Fed’s Daly Expresses Caution Amid Downward Inflation Trajectory

Fed’s Daly Expresses Caution Amid Downward Inflation Trajectory In a recent statement, Federal Reserve official Mary Daly highlighted several key points regarding inflation expectations and the tightening of credit conditions. Daly expressed her concerns about the frequency and magnitude of price changes, noting that both are currently on a downward trajectory. These observations suggest a […]

Madrid’s AI Awards: A €480,000 Catalyst for Crypto and Global Finance

How Madrid’s Hefty AI Awards Could Shape the Future of Cryptocurrency and Reshape Global Financial Systems In the bustling streets of Madrid, a technological renaissance is unfolding. The city has recently announced AI awards with a staggering prize pool of €480,000, aimed at fostering innovation in artificial intelligence. While the awards are a significant step […]

Hong Kong CPI MoM NSA Actual -0.30%

Hong Kong Consumer Prices Dip in May, Reflecting Weakening Economic Conditions Consumer prices in Hong Kong fell by 0.30% month-on-month (MoM) in May, according to the latest data released. The decline in consumer prices indicates weakening economic conditions and adds to the challenges faced by the city’s economy. The negative growth in consumer prices can […]