Fed’s Daly Expresses Caution Amid Downward Inflation Trajectory

Fed’s Daly Expresses Caution Amid Downward Inflation Trajectory

In a recent statement, Federal Reserve official Mary Daly highlighted several key points regarding inflation expectations and the tightening of credit conditions. Daly expressed her concerns about the frequency and magnitude of price changes, noting that both are currently on a downward trajectory. These observations suggest a potential slowdown in inflationary pressures.

Daly also commented on the impact of March’s banking turmoil, stating that the credit tightening observed thus far aligns with expectations, considering the circumstances. However, she emphasized the need for caution regarding additional tightening measures. Daly believes that such measures could warrant a slower pace of interest rate hikes, which would provide more time to assess the situation accurately.

According to Daly, inflation and labor shortages remain significant concerns for both community and business contacts. She acknowledged that the projection of two more rate hikes this year is not set in stone and emphasized the importance of resolute and careful actions to restore price stability.

The Fed official further mentioned that banking contacts are being thoughtful about their loan portfolios and exercising caution when it comes to balance sheets. In addition, community contacts have expressed worries about the housing market, suggesting that it may have reached its bottom and rents are starting to accelerate once again.

Daly expressed strong support for the Federal Reserve’s decision in June to maintain interest rates and closely monitor incoming data. She deemed the projection of two more rate hikes this year as a reasonable assumption, but it remains contingent on future economic developments.

The comments made by Mary Daly shed light on the Federal Reserve’s stance regarding inflation, credit conditions, and the overall economic outlook. As the Fed continues to navigate the complex landscape of monetary policy, these insights provide valuable information for market participants and analysts alike.

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